An Up Close Look at Southwestern Style

Whether you live in the desert Southwest or you’ve only seen cacti in movies, you can incorporate Southwestern style into your home décor. Southwestern style is rugged yet inviting, and can give your home a boost of aesthetic appeal. Certain colors and design elements are characteristic of the Southwestern style, such as terra cotta and earth tones as well as decorative tile. Keep reading to learn more about Southwestern style and how you can use it to your advantage in your interior decorating.


Baskets are a key element of Southwestern style, and can be used for functional purposes as well as for purely decorative purposes. Place a few baskets in your living room to hold newspapers and magazines, or as a storage spot for throw blankets. Some baskets can be quite expensive, especially if they are antique, so those may be better utilized strictly for decoration. Southwestern style baskets bring a natural element to your decorating scheme, and their earthy colors are a subtle yet strong addition to your overall décor.


Southwestern style employs a variety of different colors to evoke desert imagery. You may see hues of rust red to mimic the color of the dirt, sage green that calls cacti and tumbleweed to mind, and turquoise to echo the sky as well as the use of this stone in Southwestern jewelry. You can make your Southwestern style as subtle or as bold as you want by using different colors.


Decorative tile is a mainstay of Southwestern style, and can be used in a variety of different ways throughout your home. A decorative tile bar top will add visual interest and provide a conversation starter when you have guests over, while an entryway mural can convey a natural or abstract scene. Colorful tile is an excellent way to take your Southwestern style to the next level.

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