The Latest Trends in Backsplashes

Whether you are planning a new look for your existing home, or are building a brand new property, choosing a backsplash is an essential part of designing your kitchen. A backsplash is designed to protect your wall space around your countertops, and your backsplash will also provide a visual transition between your counters and walls. In order to create a beautiful new kitchen space, you will want to choose your backsplash carefully. Read on for an overview of some of the latest trends in backsplashes.

Natural Stone

Natural stone backsplashes are among the most popular types of backsplashes for today’s kitchens. If you have natural stone countertops, using this material for your backsplash is a terrific choice. You may choose stone that matches the material of your countertops, or a contrasting material for a stunning visual effect.

Pebble Tile

Pebble tile is another material that is very popular for backsplashes this year. Pebble tiles have a unique, rounded look that is similar to that of river rock. With its textured and 3D look, pebble tile will visually enhance the appeal of your kitchen. This material is also very affordable.

Custom Tiles

The kitchen is one area of the home where custom elements thrive, so you might consider the on-trend design of painted ceramic tiles to complement your countertops and cabinetry. Brightly colored Talavera tiles can bring more light and life into your kitchen with a completely distinctive design. Plus, tile backsplashes are easy to wipe clean should you take on a messy project in the kitchen.

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