Tips for Designing Your Pool Deck

A beautiful pool deserves to be framed by a beautiful pool deck. When designing your swimming pool deck, it’s important to consider the look of your home, your pool, and your landscaping to select a look that complements your outdoor living space. There are a wide variety of design features you can opt to include in your pool deck for added style and personality, such as textured tile, mosaics, and ground-level lighting.

Personalize Your Space

Drawing inspiration from the exterior of your home, your landscaping, and even your favorite patio furniture will help your pool deck’s design blend seamlessly with the stylistic elements already in place around your pool. You can add further personality and flair with statement pieces or areas, such as tile mosaics, pool coping, and even inlaid pathways to guide travel between your home and your pool.

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety should be an important feature of any pool surround. Slipping is one of the most common hazards near a swimming pool, so choose a deck material that will promote better traction, such as textured tile or natural stone. If possible, avoid adding elements that create changes in slope or height to further reduce the risk of tripping. For added safety at night, you may want to add ground-level lighting along the edges of your pool deck so family and friends can easily see the safest path.

Remember Maintenance Needs

Maintaining your swimming pool deck will keep this outdoor space looking clean and beautiful for maximum enjoyment. Thus, it’s important to keep in mind the maintenance needs of the materials you choose. Wood is a beautiful choice for a pool deck, but will need regular care and maintenance to prevent water damage. Tile and natural stone are durable and easy to clean, making these materials a popular choice for pool decking in any location.

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